Student Transportation of America (STA) Drivers Display Skilled Talents at Southern California Road-eo

Student Transportation of America (STA) Drivers Display Skilled Talents at Southern California Road-eo

Winners of 11 Awards and Title of “Best Represented” at 57th Annual California School Bus Safety Competition

Santa Barbara, CA – School bus drivers representing several Student Transportation of America (STA) terminals continued to set high standards this May in the 57th Annual Southern California Sectional Roadeo driving competition.  As a team, STA drivers took home 11 of the 35 available trophies.

One of the awards included the prestigious team title in the Best Represented Category which recognized STA for its hard work, dedication, positive attitudes and the highest degree of professionalism. It is also designed to recognize the many efforts of those involved with the Roadeo, including the administration, transportation staff, mechanical staff, drivers, and their families.

“We are very proud of our drivers and our safety trainers.  These Roadeo performances are a testament not only to our company’s commitment to safety, but it represents the family atmosphere we have at STA in supporting all those who participate in events like this” said Paula Sauvadon, STA’s Regional Vice President of Operations.  “Our drivers know how important being a safe and skilled school bus driver is and they take their training very seriously”.

The competition featured 131 school bus drivers from southern California, 12 of which were STA employees. All trophy winners will compete at the State Championship Roadeo, held on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at the Galt Market in Galt, CA.

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