Contracted Services

Full Service School Bus Transportation That Leaves You In Control

As school districts face increased funding pressures and consider private/public partnerships, STA offers advantages without compromising safety, quality, or reliability. Partnering with transportation experts benefits school districts by reducing their investment in capital-intensive vehicle purchases and maintenance, time-consuming labor issues, and the need for more efficient maintenance and routing programs.

In many districts today, transportation comprises more than 10 percent of the total school budget.

By partnering with STA, you can have full-service school bus transportation – that leaves you in control.

We take care of every aspect of your transportation system from owning and maintaining the bus fleet to recruiting and training drivers, handling the routing, and keeping up with the facility. Even if you own your current fleet, Contracted Services with STA could be the option for you.

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We can purchase new vehicles to meet your needs, or purchase your existing fleet and facilities for cash to deploy our own well maintained fleet.

We can lease your existing fleet of vehicles and purchase replacement buses to eliminate capital outlay.

We can park buses at an existing district location, or we can source and establish a new, local STA facility.

We will retain your local drivers and recruit and train new personnel, as needed.