Our History

STA’s Decades-Long Rich History

STA’s Decades-Long Rich History

Founded in 1997, Student Transportation of America (STA) has consistently and steadily grown based on a safety-driven, family-oriented business plan and the idea that taking care of your employees, customers, and the communities where you operate translates into success – both for the customer and for the company.

STA was publicly traded on the NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange, and in 2018 transitioned to being a privately held organization led by our senior management team and our largest and longest-tenured shareholder, CDPQ. This partnership gives STA access to greater resources that allow senior management and staff members to spend more time with our employees and customers, to improve upon the safe operations we already have, and in creating new technologies that will enhance operations and provide more efficient services for our customers.

Aerial overhead photo of a parking lot full with school busses

STA’s Company Culture Today

What makes STA truly unique is our longstanding culture of fostering environments that support the 1.25 million students we transport each day – and each other. With operations across all of North America we remain dedicated to safety and nurturing a unique company culture that focuses on three groups of critical stakeholders: employees, customers, and communities.

Commitment to our employees is to be there for them. To know about them, and to help them in times of personal challenges. By doing so, we create a sense of family, pride, and empowerment with employees that are happy to come to work each day and get children to school safely.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective student transportation. We work for our partners to find a customized solution that is right for the school district, its students, and their community. Our success in this is best demonstrated through our proven track record of retaining and renewing contracts.

Our commitment to our communities is two-fold. First, our leadership team values the tradition of service established by our local operators – the STA Family of Companies. While larger contractors try to maximize their strength in numbers, STA has grown by understanding that local transportation is a “local business.” Second, we are committed to innovative, environmentally conscious programs across North America, reducing emissions and promoting better health for our passengers and communities.