Vehicle Safety & Technology

Technology Influences All Aspects of Our Business

The safe transportation of our students depends not only on our team members but on the reliability of the vehicles we operate. Onboard vehicle technology, safety and compliance systems, routing and scheduling programs, and fleet maintenance software are all innovations that STA has invested heavily in over the years to ensure we are providing the safest service possible when transporting our students.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

STA’s rigorous maintenance standards are monitored in our customized Fleet Management software that allows STA to schedule maintenance, record work performed and report on the details of each vehicle in our fleet in real time. This system ensures each vehicle remains in compliance and safe for our customers.  

Adopting new and leveraging existing technology to enhance our operations is what Student Transportation of America has been doing for over 20 years.  

Routing & Scheduling

Routing & Scheduling

STA uses the latest routing technology to develop the shortest, most cost-efficient, and most importantly the safest routes possible to transport students. We then integrate that information into our driver scheduling systems in order to manage our workforce, allowing STA to provide coverage for home-to-school routes, extracurricular, and charter trips.   

Onboard Vehicle Technology

The impact of technology is far reaching. It reverberates across all aspects of our business to enhance services, improve operations, and lower costs. From the innovative safety and communications equipment on our buses to cutting-edge routing systems and sophisticated cloud IT services that keep our employees connected, STA remains ahead of the curve in technology and fleet innovation.

GPS Tracking Systems: Equipping vehicles with GPS not only provides the capability to locate a bus on its route at any time, but also improves routing and determining important factors such as speed, idling, and fuel usage. 

Digital Camera Surveillance Systems: An important safety tool that helps manage driver accountability as well as to assist in the safe management of student behavior. 

Child Check-Mate Systems: It is the driver’s responsibility to check for children who may be left on the bus at the end of their routes. This system is an additional aid to the driver by providing audible and visual alerts when the bus ignition is turned off at the end of any route or activity trip. 

Front Stop Arms: This standard piece of safety equipment not only helps student cross in front of the bus at a safe distance, but also serves as an alert to surrounding vehicles that they are required to stop, allowing for the safe passage of students loading and unloading the school bus. 

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