Student Transportation of America Assisting States with Budget Squeeze

Student Transportation of America Assisting States with Budget Squeeze

WALL, NJ (March 9, 2011) – Student Transportation of America (“STA”), the nation’s most progressive school transportation company, announced it is currently working with states and local school districts across America to provide options for the severe budget shortfalls facing many who continue to own and operate their own bus fleets. Today, operating costs savings and capital infusions are in the forefront of many of these budget discussions. STA’s Education Stimulus Plan has been set up to invest up to $100 million dollars in school districts who need the capital to invest back into education. In an effort to further explain the ease of the process, STA has developed a video on their web site at showing how government owned operations can generate cash today and save school districts real money.

“The current budget situation is critical for many states including Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, where Governors and legislators are calling for new ideas on transporting students and is quickly becoming a budget priority,” said Jason Moyer, Director of Business Development for STA.

“This is a taxpayer friendly program and a revenue generator as we pay state and local taxes on purchases, payrolls and real estate where school districts are exempt. We are currently reviewing a number of opportunities where we would provide an immediate cash infusion plus reduce operating costs. We are also working on requests for proposals in such states as Colorado, Georgia, and Louisiana who have large self-operated fleets. While there are many states we are providing assistance and proposals for, I’m amazed we haven’t heard from hundreds of others. This is a way to not only receive cash today but also long term operational savings, all while retaining control and keeping the local work force employed. This is a simple transition as people will see when they view the new video,” Moyer added.

“10,000 school districts still own and operate their own fleets. Some cash strapped states still cling on to the ownership of their fleet despite the need to change, ” Moyer continued. In California, state officials have legislation in place preventing privatization and Moyer emphasized that needs to be changed to help struggling schools survive. “There is no need to cut classroom education, lay off teachers or shorten the school calendar. There are solutions today right in front of our school board members, administrators and government officials. This is real money and real savings. With balanced budget mandates in many states, the squeeze on taxpayers is real and we expect to hear from more districts. We are ready to help.”.

See the Difference is a free confidential feasibility study by STA and offers more information on saving your school district real money. Individuals, taxpayer groups as well as local and state officials can email STA at or call toll-free 1-855-884-2720 for more information.

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Jason Moyer

Director of Business Development