$100 Million Education Stimulus Plan Launched by Student Transportation of America

$100 Million Education Stimulus Plan Launched by Student Transportation of America

WALL, NJ – Student Transportation of America (STA), the nation’s third largest and most progressive school transportation company, today announced it has launched a $100 million Education Stimulus Plan designed to provide school districts across America with much-needed capital to invest back into education when they contract their school bus operations to STA.

“School districts across the country are laying-off teachers and cutting programs as state and local governments are challenged to fund schools with shrinking tax revenue,” said Denis Gallagher, STA Chairman and CEO. “The influx of Federal economic-stimulus funds helped many districts avert disaster in the short-term but school boards are sure to feel the pinch as that money runs out. That’s why we’re ready to inject $100 million of “infrastructure” investments into school budgets across the U.S.

“We will pay cash for district-owned school transportation fleets and replace older buses with new, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly vehicles. This creates real jobs for our domestic vehicle manufacturers and provides a cleaner-safer environment for our students and our communities. We will hire existing and local drivers with competitive compensation packages as well as purchase equipment and supplies from local merchants. Nearly 10,000 school districts in the U.S. currently own and operate their own school bus fleets, so our STA Education Stimulus Plan is specifically designed for them. We’re asking local and state officials who are struggling with tight budgets to consider our plan,” Gallagher said.

In Pennsylvania, the Altoona Area School District converted all of its district-owned student transportation service to a contracted operation with STA in 2006. Superintendent of Altoona Area Schools Dr. Dennis Murray said, “STA purchased our fleet and parts inventory with cash. They pay rent for our facilities and parking, creatively helped keep our full-time staff and their compensation packages, and hired the majority of our former drivers to create a seamless transition. We absolutely feel that we made the right decision to privatize our pupil transportation system; but, more importantly, we made the right choice in selecting STA as our partner. It was the complete package.”

STA recently completed a similar stimulus plan for taxpayers in Williamsport, Pa. which local school officials say will save residents $3.5 million over five years. The company purchased the district’s fleet for $1 million, invested an additional $1 million in new vehicles and hired 90 percent of the district’s existing drivers and staff. Successful “conversions” were also completed in other states, including Illinois and California, saving money and improving service for those school districts.

Gallagher said, “STA has a long history of purchasing materials and supplies from local merchants which creates new jobs and stimulates local economies. Last year, for example, the company was selected in a bid to provide school bus service in Jacksonville, Florida. STA purchased its new fleet of 275 vehicles for over $20 million from Jacksonville-based Rivers Bus Sales and relies on numerous other local vendors to help support its operation with parts, tires, fuel and uniforms.

“These are trying times and creative ideas are needed to keep our education system funded. Our job is to bring the safest, most efficient and cost-effective transportation service to the community while supplying millions of dollars in much-needed capital that local districts can use to enhance education. Our plan lowers costs, stimulates the economy, creates jobs and increases tax revenues. We’re encouraging taxpayers to challenge their local and state government officials for efficiencies and solutions that will benefit their children in the classroom without cutting essential programs. Americans want school districts spending their time and money on education,” Gallagher said.

For more information on the STA Education Stimulus Plan, individuals as well as local and state officials can email Student Transportation of America at stimulus@rideSTA.com, call toll-free 1-888-942-2250 to arrange to speak with an STA representative or visit the company website at www.rideSTA.com.

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